metro stone coated roofing

Metro offers four unique roofing profiles made from stone-coated steel that range from the graceful curves of MetroTILE®, to the deep wood grain of MetroSHAKE® metal shake roof, to the sleek low-profile finish of MetroSHINGLE® metal roof shingles, or the timeless beauty of MetroROMAN® all of which create a strong, weather-tight, environmentally-friendly metal and stone roof that will beautify and protect virtually any property for years to come.

MetroSHAKE® shake metal roofing panels outperform natural cedar shakes, composite shakes and light weight painted metal shakes in every comparison, and the Metro batten-less steel shake alternative eliminates costly wood battens and allows faster roof installation times. Each Metro steel shake roofing panel is forged with deep wood grain impressions, creating an exceptionally strong, secure steel roof covering for any architectural style. All Metro shake metal roofing products provide high quality warranty performance, including fire resistance and against wind speeds from 120mph to damaging hail. MetroSHAKE® steel roof panels are finished with an attractive stone coating and embedded in a UV resistant acrylic polymer for a lasting bond to Zincalume® steel. Produced with only top quality raw materials, MetroSHAKE® metal shake roofing is designed to be secure, maintenance free, attractive, and the most reliable roof ever installed.